SUP Rimrock with Sara

SUP Rimrock with Sara

SUP Rimrock with Sara

From the moment I first stood on a Stand Up Paddle Board, I was hooked! I knew right away that it was going to be an excellent avenue for combining some of my  favorite things; fitness, being outside, and being on the water.

~Sara Lasha Washburn

Life is a constant balance being a wife and mom, running a business and still finding the time to feed my own adventurous passions. I am always ready to greet sunrise on the lake, smell crispness in the air, and enjoy being surrounded by silence while feeling the warmth of the sun kissing my skin. This peaceful ritual of paddle prep sets the tone for a peaceful morning on the lake. Whether I’m going out solo, leading a class or getting ready for lessons, the passion is being fed. 

Hillary, attaching the fin to her SUP board before we head out. 

There’s not a day that I don’t feel blessed to call this place home. Sharing this spectacular environment with both experienced paddlers and first-timers has been a dream come true.  We lend a hand, with an eye towards setting people up for success as we teach them how to set up the board, measure paddle length correctly and find their balance.  My goal is for guests to feel the satisfaction of doing the prep to gain confidence that they could go out and enjoy a day in outdoors on their own knowing they are prepared.

HUMBLE - as an outdoor enthusiast I embrace humility as I set out. Mother Nature is often in charge of adventures; however, knowing regulations / laws, having the correct safety equipment and being prepared with food, water, emergency basics is critical.  I tackle any size of outdoor adventure with confidence once those items are addressed. Any time you are on a body of water, it’s important to remember how powerful it is, this is one of the elements that draws me to it! But even as a proficient swimmer and paddler, I always wear my personal floatation device (PFD), plus it’s the law to have it … so there’s that! 

From the moment I first stood on a Stand Up Paddle board, I was hooked! I knew right away that it was going to be an excellent avenue for combining some of my favorite things; fitness, being outdoors, being on the water along with finding another way to push myself. Every time I step on my board I look for improvement, and when other like- minded friends come along or I meet new people that are in the same boat, we are able to share the stoke! 

The start of a five mile paddle, geared up and ready. Paddlers, Lindsey, Hillary and I are in awe of a perfect morning.

When it comes to a sport or activity that you love, pushing yourself is key. Having some pretty rad people along  side to cheer you on, to maybe share a new tip or ask questions along the way is essential. I have been so lucky to find a tribe of just this type of people! When we get out for a paddle, connect to each other and enjoy the mass beauty around us, this is where I get inspiration. How can I share these experiences with more people?  I committed my summers to holding SUP lessons, SUP Yoga classes and SUP specialty tours in hopes to grow the tribe and create a paddle community to share and celebrate with together!

Taking my yoga practice on the water was an extremely natural marriage . Furthering my education and my commitment to being a student has led me to my career of being a yoga instructor for nearly a decade now! My practice is challenged and kept fresh floating on water. It’s rare that I paddle out without an anchor on board, I often anchor down to enjoy a yoga sesh cozied up to an island or cove. Nothing compliments yoga more than being the sounds and elements of nature. 

In my family, I am the most conservative skier. Yes, even our five-year-old gets after it more than me. And, I am perfectly ok with that. Ski season is our family time, I push myself to be better for them and use that training to prep for SUP season. But when summertime comes, I am the mountain mermaid, that’s when I truly come alive! I am drawn to the water like it’s a part of me, it’s hard pressed that I spend a day at the family cabin without waking up before everyone to get out on the lake. My SUP, is where I get to push myself and get a little uncomfortable as I push past limits.  More times than I'd like to admit I end up in the lake, but whether I am working on distance, on speed or simply having an active rest day, I train hard to improve myself so I can share more with my clients.

Life is good. Take comfort in that laughing along the way is a necessity. As much work as it is, nothing is worth it if you cannot smile about it. 

I love to share my passion. I love when I see others finding the joy of a new activity or finding a new passion of their own. I love the long days of setting everything up, pumping up the boards, driving to the lake and sharing the stoke of getting on the water.  Why do I love the work? Because at the end of the day, I have positively impacted someone's life. I have helped someone with something. Whether it’s fulfilling a bucket list item, conquering a fear, helping them realize they actually do have balance or simply sharing the beauty of our White Pass Byway backyard, their day (maybe even their life) was improved. That’s why I do the work and share the stoke! 

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