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White Pass has implemented online day ticket sales to make sure we manage capacity, and to assure a quality experience for our guests.

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2023/24 - Calendar-Based Daily Lift Ticket Sales

This season we are using a BRAND NEW RFID Lift Ticketing System. Passes and tickets from previous seasons will no longer work, so please make sure you remove them from your jackets/pants. The "NEW" RFFID cards are $5 and have a purple and white sunrise photo looking toward Mount Rainier. The cards do not have your picture on them and only include your name and your ID number. Every account has a picture attached to it that is viewable for our ticket scanners. RFID cards are the same for Season Passes and Day Tickets, so once you get your card, you keep your card. If needed, replacement cards can be purchased for $5.

How do calendar-based ticket sales work?

The first, most important step (if you haven't done so already) is to create an account in our new Estore. Multiple accounts may be attached to the primary account. The new RFID cards are assigned to each person on your account. Lift tickets are purchased in our Estore by simply selecting the date, quantity of tickets. Lift tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis, so if you have specific dates you want to be skiing/snowboarding, we recommend you reserve those dates early, as Saturdays and holidays often sell out.

If you are new to our Estore, please consider registering before you come to the ski area to minimize your time spent at the ticket booth. New ticket purchasers need to pick up a $5 RFID card on your first day up.

Once you have an RFID Card, you will not have to go back to the ticket booth. You purchase your tickets in our Estore and then go direct-to-lift.

Do Season Pass holders need to register on the calendar? NO!  

All season pass holders please go direct-to-lift.  We have a decade of data that helps us predict pass holder use and we have accounted for pass holder attendance in our daily customer totals.

How many day tickets are available each day?

That's a variable number based on the typical number of seasons pass holders we expect on given days.  

We expect everyone to be able to get a ticket on MOST days of our season; however, you will have to plan ahead on high-use days during the holiday periods (after Christmas and on the 3-day weekends) and on Saturdays.

What if I have a special case (i.e. IndyPass, Powder Alliance, Military)?

The following customers should continue to visit our ticket booth:

  • Military members Active, Reserve, National Guard, Coast Guard, and 100% Service Connected Disabled with the DAVPRM code on their military-issued ID, DD Form 1173 or DD Form 2765 (1 ticket per ID) Contractors & DOD not eligible.  PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE AND PICK THEM UP AT THE BOOTH ONLY - 1 VALID ID PER TICKET PURCHASED.  MUST DISPLAY VALID ID TO PICK UP DISCOUNTED TICKET.  IF YOU FORGET YOUR ID, WE WILL HAVE TO CHARGE YOU REGULAR RATES.



  • Season Pass Reciprocal Program (49, Mt. Spokane, Bluewood)

  • Summit Reciprocal Program - 50% off Midweek non-holiday only

Need a ticket?

White Pass sets a maximum capacity for day tickets. Please purchase your ticket online, in advance to guarantee your spot on the chairlift! Weekends and holidays typically sell out so please plan ahead.

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