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Group & Private Lessons

finding the correct level makes learning easier

Let us assist you in finding the correct ski or snowboard level.  Review the descriptions below and if you have any questions at all, please give us a call.

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Held weekends and holidays only for skiers ages 4 - 5.

Held Weekends and Holidays. Holiday dates are: Dec. 20 - Jan. 1, Jan. 16, Feb. 20

Level 1    No experience skiing at all - aka NEVER-EVERS.

Level 2   Has had a lesson. Working on "pizza" - aka making a wedge to turn and stop..  Rides the little carpet independently.

Level 3   Able to turn right and left, rides the big carpet and independently stays in control skiing the big carpet area.

Group & Private Lessons

Alpine Skiing

Beginning Skiers

Level 1     First-time skier  Goal;  load and unload on the carpet and complete controlled stops

Level 2     Has had a lesson before.  Working on stops and turns.  Able to load and unload on the small carpet and skis in a cautious wedge.  Goal;  turn both directions and progress to the larger carpet.

Level 3    Turns right and left; able to load/unload on the big carpet and ski in control down the hill. Can make round turns in a wedge with confidence on the big carpet. Goal; use turns and terrain to control speed working towards skiing the Far East Triple Chairlift.

Advanced Beginner - Intermediate

Level 4     Skis green and easier blue runs in control.  Makes turns in a wedge and can match skis upon finishing the turn. Links turns with speed and rides the Far East Triple Chairlift.  Goal; match skis through the turn.

Level 5    Confident on green and blue runs.   Skis mostly parallel, but sometimes initiates turns in a wedge, but finishes parallel.  Learning how to use ski poles.  Goal; initiate all turns with skis parallel in varied terrain.

Level 6    Skis parallel on all blue runs.  Tests skills in varied terrain.  Knows how to use ski poles for rhythm. Goal; consistently ski in parallel stance throughout the turn on black runs.

Advanced - Expert

Level 7    Skis parallel on all groomed black runs.  Skis with good technique in most terrain and snow conditions.  Expanding skills into bumps and powder.  Makes short turns with upper and lower body separation. Goal; become confident in pivoting the skis.

Level 8     Confident in bumps and trees on more difficult blue/black terrain.  Comfortable on and off piste.  Changes tactics to match more difficult terrain, Center of mass consistently moves down hill. Goal; ski on double black slopes.

Level 9      Skis all slopes in all conditions with confidence.  Can ski trees and bumps and uses  the carved turn as the principal turning method.  Goal; be the best and out-ski all your friends.



Level 1     First time riders.  Goal; Load and unload the carpet, learn to walk and skate plus straight glide on the small carpet.

Level 2     Rides the small carpet, Can side slip on toe and/or heel sliding left and right. Goal; Turn on heel and or toe edge, intro to the big carpet.

Level 3     Rides the big carpet in control, Can turn on both heel and toe side edges. Working on linked turns. Goal; Linked turns, full understanding of edge control, Intro to the Far East Triple Chairlift.


Level 4     Rides the Far East Chairlift while maintaining control through turn shape and linked turns. Goal;  Ride the Great White and other chairs at White Pass.  Master riding all blue runs.

Level 5    Rides blue terrain, exploring riding switch and easy bumps. Goal;  Ride black terrain, trees and bumps.

Advanced - Expert

Level 6   Rides the entire mountain, Performs dynamic turns on varied terrain in various snow conditions.  Goal; Out-ride your friends.