Mahremade & Girls with Grit Lessons & Clinics


Mahremade & Girls with Grit Lessons & Clinics

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Check out Mahremade and Girls with Grit for year-round outdoor experiences with a couple of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Here's Shannon's take on what's up with the Mahre Athletic Development Experience. From ski and mountain bike clinics to SUP and trail running experiences we want to share the beauty and excitement available literally right outside our back door!

"Helping people to grow, giving them confidence in sports and in life that they never imagined, that, to me, is the meaning of being a coach.  That's why Andy and I have come to enjoy sharing these experiences with people from all corners of the PNW."

Year-round adventure with Mahre Athletic Development Experience


Andy making it look easy.

2018/19 Season was the first time Andy and I coached ski clinics together at White Pass – and to say we had a blast would be an understatement. We focused on Intermediate, Advanced and Expert level skiers, teaching clients how to ski more advanced terrain – as well as getting them comfortable on runs that they had trouble with in the past. MADE teaches skills like how to navigate moguls (icy, fluffy and everything in between), how to blast through crud and how to take air off of natural features. For instance, the celebrations at the bottom of Outhouse after people made it through huge, icy, moguls are unforgettable as our attendees accomplished a feat that they honestly thought would never be possible!  Andy and I had a hard time containing our excitement as we witnessed students conquering fears and building confidence, run after run. 


Shannon chasing rainbows close to home above and Andy & Ryder at White Pass.

Mountain biking to me is skiing without snow. It’s the perfect off-season compliment to skiing in every possible way. It brings the adrenaline, the speed, the skill and the finesse together, creating a sport that reveals a freedom that I can only relate to that of skiing an un-touched powder run on a perfect winter day. 

As a Level 2 IMBA ICP mountain bike coach, I love coaching all levels. It’s crazy to see the amount of progression that occurs from the beginning of each clinic to the end. It truly is night and day!”

Stand Up Paddle

Rimrock Lake intro clinic

“When it’s a hot, summer day, there’s nothing better than getting out on the river or lake on a stand up paddle board. Andy and I both started our paddle careers on flat water, but moved to rivers and oceans as we built our confidence and skill-sets. While we still coach at Rimrock Lake and other lakes in Washington, we also give lessons and clinics on the Yakima River, which is a whole ‘nother experience!. The best part is that we get our students ready for the river experience by first getting them on flat water to give them the skills they need to progress to moving water – then we take them to the river. Believe us, stand up paddle boarding can be as mellow and relaxing or as intense and exciting as you want to make it. Moving water adds an extra element of excitement and quick-thinking to paddling (especially if you are going down the Tieton or Naches) – an element that skiers and mountain bikers tend to enjoy.”


Friday evening group run in the Yakima Valley

“As an ultra trail runner, I love to get ladies into trail running because it’s my freedom – especially now that I’m running 3 businesses with a 3-year-old as my “helper.” ☺ For the clinics, we walk/jog the trail portion and I show the ladies that trail running isn’t all running – there’s actually a lot of hiking involved. My goal is to get ladies past their fears of being on the trail as well as showing them that it’s not about how fast they go, it’s about enjoying the journey that they are on – encouraging everyone to take in the views and the beauty of nature surrounding them. I also teach the ladies yoga and HIIT programs as well as give them an intro to Macro-based eating during the clinics so that they can prepare for their next race or adventure!"


At 21 years old, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer – and it changed my life forever. It made me realize that life is too short to give up on your dreams. It also made me realize that I didn’t want to live my life focusing just on myself – I wanted to help people… as many of them as possible. 

But I decided to start out small. When I created Girls with Grit, my goal was to help as many “women” as possible by hosting mountain bike clinics and lessons in the Yakima area. Over the years, that goal morphed into helping as many “people” as possible, and the activity list that I used to make this difference in people’s lives grew as well. That’s when the idea of MADE (Mahre Athletic Development Experience) was born. My husband, Andy, came up with the name, and I loved it from the first moment I heard it. Together, we now offer coed (and ladies only) adventure clinics, lessons, and retreats every season of the year – Ski, Mountain Bike, Trail Running and Stand Up Paddle Boarding (river & lake)… and that’s not all. We also put on four, 5K fun runs in the valley each year that help to get families outside, as well as raise money for local non-profits and families effected by Cancer. 

Andy and I’s coaching careers morphed out of a love for the sports and activities that we base our lives around – as well as the life of our now, 3 year old son, Ryder. Even when he was still in my belly, he was going on trail runs, bike rides and ski tours with us – and when he popped out, we didn’t hesitate to bring him into our life of adventure right from day one. Andy and are still athletes, but I think that’s what makes us the coaches that we are – because we teach our students how to progress in the sports that have been the cornerstones of our lives for longer than we can remember. 

Helping people to grow, giving them confidence in sports and in life that they thought that they could never have – that to me, is the meaning of being a coach… and that’s why I will continue to be a coach as long as I possibly can. Sometimes all it takes to succeed is to find that person that you can trust, that person that truly believes in you that will show you just how far you can go and how truly great you can be. Sports changed my life. Coaches changed my life. They made me the woman, the mom, the wife, the friend that I am today – they also helped me through every hardship in life that I ever faced. And if I’m being completely honest, sports saved my life. Coaches saved my life… so to me, there’s no greater career for me in this world than this. You truly are your only limit – so keep growing, keep learning and keep raising that bar. And if you need a hand, know that we’ll be there to help you along. 



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