Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival

  • Saturday March 6th, 2021

To be more specific - we do not encourage casual visitors to attend.  There will be no events of any kind.  We are simply building the castle as a tribute.  No live music, no tubing, no fireworks etc. etc.

We plan to build a castle this year; however the castle will not be interactive and no tubing will take place.  We will build the castle as a tribute to Dave Ruby, our castle's master of construction since 2006.  We miss you Dave, we hope you and Spike (the originator of the castle build) are watching over the crew as we work to honor you with this year's effort.

Castle 2021 - A Tribute to Dave Ruby

While the Winter Carnival has been canceled this year, and the typical events like tubing from the castle, live music and fireworks will not take place, we are fortunate that a group of Castle Crew Members have come together to build the 2021 castle in honor of Dave Ruby, who passed away unexpectedly in August.  Dave took over responsibility for castle construction in 2006 after Dave Mahre passed in July of 2005.

Dave and Dave shared a love for the hard work of creating the castle each year and they felt rewarded as they stood back and watched generations of local families share the pure magic of coming to explore these masterpieces made of snow!

Dave Ruby took the castle to new heights, literally and figuratively, as he used his experience as a contractor and master woodworker to create increasingly more intricate designs each year.  He enlisted the help of friends who shared his love of community and they brought along skills in architecture, engineering, and good old fashioned hard work.  Dave Ruby assembled a dynamic group of  community members who, like Dave himself, have been completely dedicated to sharing the joy of winter with families from all over the Pacific Northwest. 

The Crew, led by Terry Ferguson, have spent the past two weeks undertaking the mammoth building project inspired by Dave to carry on the tradition.  Of course, it's a bittersweet time filled with laughter and tears as the crew recalls decades of previous castle builds.  When they run into challenges there have been plenty of "What would Dave do?" discussions.  To say that his presence is felt here every day would be an understatement.

The skiing public may view this year's castle from afar.  It will not be open or interactive in any way so we ask that all rope and fence lines be respected.

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Our thanks to this crew, assembled and inspired by Dave Ruby:

  • Terry & Sophia Ferguson
  • Bob & Shelli Bordeaux
  • Doug Kutzer
  • David Forsythe
  • Gerry Monkman
  • Eadie Ruby
  • Scott Mosier
  • Richard Obrien
  • Jan Parcher
  • Gretchen Peters
  • Annie Bell
  • Scott Racy
  • Joyce & Dennis Riebe
  • Jeff Rogers
  • Steve Rolland
  • Martha Schultz
  • Clay, Kat and Don Schut
  • Terry & Hammy Shiveley
  • Gene Webb
  • Rick Webb
  • Chris Wendt
  • Ward Whitmire
  • Ellen Ruby
  • Eric Schaffer
  • Mike Dearborn
  • Dennis Dow
  • Heffy
  • And many many more throughout the 37 year history of the event.  Thanks to each of you!


The White Pass Winter Carnival is among of the most popular winter festivals in the Pacific Northwest.  We can't wait to see you on the hill!


Kids from our Child Care's Pee Wee Skee program playing on the snow castle!

We provide tubes for the castle or bring your own sliding device!

Exploring the snow castle makes for lifetime of winter adventure memories!

Amazing artists create stunning snow sculptures each year!