White Pass Gold Rush

White Pass Gold Rush

White Pass local, Keith Hodges acquired the gold bug in 1982 while helping his dad operate a large claim in the Yukon Territory. 

Gold rush!

Keith Hodges

 After moving to Randle, he learned there were local claims being actively prospected.


With supply sources as far away as Portland and Redmond, he decided there was a need to fill, so he and his wife, Shawna, opened their specialty retail shop in Packwood.


Keith and Shawna enjoy teaching people about gold, and how to go about finding some for themselves. Stop in and learn about organizations one can join which will allow access to local gold-bearing claims.

On the river

Packwood Prospecting follows best practices outlined in the Fish and Gold pamphlet issued by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to preserve aquatic life habitat.


Stop by and sit on the front porch listening to stories of dedicated old-timers or grab some gear and learn the best techniques for finding some gold of your own!

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Location: Downtown Packwood, 12870 US Hwy 12