RV Parking at White Pass will reopen for reservations this Fall!

reservations open tuesday, october 26th at 10 am  >

We're here to help. Please contact us and we will gladly walk you through the system. Call our RV line and one of our staff will assist you..

(509) 929-2359

white pass rv parking in lot c

Reservations open on Tuesday, October 26th at 10 am!

Enjoy slope-side RV Parking at White Pass! You'll be able to reserve your space online in advance, so there's no more wondering if you'll have a spot when you arrive!

NOTE:   Online reservations are required prior to arriving at the resort. 

How reservations work:

We offer 86 sites. Online reservations are required prior to arriving at the resort and work as follows.

  • Sites will open weekly on Tuesday at 12 am* (that's right, reservations open at the stroke of midnight) for the current week; Tuesday through Monday.

*Sites will open on Dec 22nd for the Christmas holiday period (Dec 22nd - Jan 4th)



  • 35 30-foot spaces
  • 15 40-foot spaces
  • 36 50-foot spaces

There are no hook-ups available.  Spaces are 16 feet wide. Online reservations are required and there will be no overflow parking. If you do not have a reservation, please do not bring your RV to White Pass because we cannot guarantee a site.



  • A spots are L30’ x W16’  $15
  • B spots are L40’ x W16’  $18
  • C spots are L50’ xW16’   $20
  • Extra vehicles are $10.00 a night (See Policy and Expectations Information for more details)


rv lot c - map

RV Aerial Image Map


Book your Reservations here  >>

Please note, we offer 86 sites. If the date you were looking for is sold out, you still have a chance to reserve it since 50% of the sites open for reservations each week.  Check in Tuesday at midnight to reserve. Online reservations are required prior to arriving at the resort and work as follows.

  • Sites will open weekly on Tuesday at 12 am* (that's right, reservations open at the stroke of midnight) for the current week; Tuesday through Monday.

*If we are full, please check out Cascade Peaks Camping located about 27 miles west of the ski area.

important information about our rv parking

Please note our policies so assure that you and your fellow guests have the best possible experience at White Pass!

White Pass Winter RV Lot Information, Policies and Expectations

  • Online reservations are required prior to arrival. You must have a reservation before pulling into the lot.
  • 50% of the sites open on Oct 27th at 10am for the entire season.
  • The remaining sites will open weekly on Tuesday at 12am* (at the stroke of midnight to be clear) for the current week; Tuesday through Monday.
  • Reservations are non-transferable and cannot be resold.
  • Payment is due upon reservation.  White Pass will place a locking boot on RVs/vehicles that fail to properly pay.  There is a $100 fee to have the boot removed, in addition to the regular overnight fee.
  • Your vehicle’s license plate must be included when making a reservation.
  • Check-in time is 5pm and check-out time is 4pm.  If you arrive prior to the 5pm check-in, parking will be subject to availability in the general parking lots.
  • When necessary, the RV Lot will be closed on Tuesday nights at 4pm until Wednesday at 5pm for snow removal and maintenance.  (No closures during holiday periods.)
  • Maximum stay of 13 nights over a 30-day period, per RV.
  • Maximum capacity of 6 persons per site.
  • There are no hookups.
  • Each RV is allowed one additional vehicle.  If you have a motorhome or truck camper, you are allowed an additional vehicle.  If you are towing a trailer, the tow vehicle is the additional vehicle. Your RV & additional vehicle must fit within your site.
  • Extra vehicles must obtain a parking pass for $10 for overnight parking in lot C. (Please see attendant for parking location)
  • RVs left vacant for more than 12 hours will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • All pets must be on a leash at all times.  Owners must clean up after pets.  Maximum of two pets per site.

Refund Policies

  • A full refund will be given within 24 hours after purchase.
  • 50% refund up to 72 hours of reservation date.  No refund if within 72 hours of reservation date.
  • Full refunds will be given in the event of resort closure or extended road closures.
  • For reservation cancellation, please email:  rv@skiwhitepass.com

RV Lot Expectations and Etiquette

  • Quiet time is 10pm to 7am.
  • All RVs will angle in back in parking.
  • Be courteous to you RV neighbors and White Pass personnel.
  • Be sensitive to your RV neighbor’s space - minimize exhaust, smoke, BBQ, fires, and other inhalants that negatively impact your RV neighbors.  You may be asked to shut off your generator or put out fires if considered a health issue or significant nuisance to your neighbor.   
  • Campfires are allowed, and must be in a raised fire pit.
  • Please take pride in your campsite and keep it free of trash and empties.
  • Please be respectful of staff. If a request is made of you please comply. Threats or verbal abuse are not tolerated.  
  • RVs should be prepared to move for snow removal when asked.
  • Violation of these policies and expectations may result in the owners being banned from using the RV Lot for the remainder of the season.