If you lost something last winter, shoot us an email this week and we'll try to reconnect you with it!  All unclaimed items will be donated on November 15, 2020



We do our best to get found items to their owner!  

If you JUST lost an item and you are still at White Pass, check the cashiers at both High Camp and Cafe at the Day Lodge.  Next, check in with Guest Services and the Ticket Booth.  If your item has not been located after visiting those locations please proceed as follows:

How to report lost items:

1. Identify the item as completely as possible including color, sizes, manufacturer, special identifying marks etc.

2. Give us your complete contact information including name, address, phone number and email address.

3. EMAIL the above information to:  landf@skiwhitepass.com

4. Allow 3 business days for a response (Monday - Friday non-holiday)

Please note:

  • Unclaimed items are donated to non-profit organizations after 4-weeks. 
  • Claimed items are held for 90 days, but if not picked up within that time, they will also be donated.