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WHITE PASS HAS THE FOLLOWING BLACK OUT DATES:  December 19, 2021 through January 3, 2022 / January 15-17, 2022 / February 19-21, 2022 / All Saturdays
Indy+ Passholders will be granted two all-day or all-night tickets on all days.

80 Resorts - Two Days at Each

The Indy Pass is the fastest-growing multi-mountain pass in the world and features world-class resorts in all regions of the US, Canada and Japan. Our 80 fiercely independent mountains are incredibly diverse but all have one thing in common - they offer smaller crowds, lower costs, and welcoming authentic vibes.

Experience the joy of skiing and riding at an independent ski resort and join the Indy Revolution today!

21-22 Pricing Schedule

Thru Aug. 31

Sep. 1

Dec. 1

Adult Indy Pass




Adult Indy + (No Blackouts)




Adult AddOn




Adult AddOn+




Kids Pass (12 and Under)




Kids Indy+




Kids AddOn




Kids AddOn+




About a third of Indy Pass Resorts have blackouts on certain days which vary by resort. For a complete list of blackout dates and resorts go here: Indy Blackout Days

The Indy+ Passes provide two free days at all resorts with ZERO blackout days.


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