3rd Grade Free

Becoming a lifetime winter sports enthusiast is easy!  Let us get your family started towards a lifetime of winter recreation with the 3rd Grade Free Season Pass program!

Passes available December 16, 2020 through January 17, 2021

Make spending winter at White Pass a family tradition!

1. Beginning December 1st, 2020 register for the 3RD GRADE SKIER/SNOWBOARDER SAFETY FIRST CLASS.

2. Complete our online order form available December 1st. Classes begin December 14th.

3. Grab proof of 3rd Grader Status. (i.e. School ID,  Screen shot from school's online grade system, Report Card)

4. Once you attend your class, we'll create your pass and get you out on the hill for a fantastic season on snow!

5. What if you already purchased a season pass for your 3rd Grader?  Come see us at Guest Services and we'll explain your options. Thank you!


Getting outdoors with your family is important!

While your neighbors may spend countless weekends on the sidelines, White Pass families have the unique experience of playing together, while each member forges their own path.  Skiing and snowboarding transform busy parents into adventure seeking athletes whose kids gain strength and confidence learning the sport and exploring the mountain.  Our helpful staff and friendly atmosphere are here to make your winters memorable.  We invite you to join us this winter and discover the exhilaration of winter sports at White Pass.

Why 3rd Grade?

White Pass employees have participated in the FitKids USA program since 2004.  Along the way we have volunteered in 110 classrooms and countless special events in an effort to keep kids healthy and active.  Based upon this experience, we have chosen 3rd Graders for their amazing energy, enthusiasm and belief that they can achieve anything!