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Reload Your Passport

Hate lines? We feel the same way! With our Passport Smartcard Lift Ticket, you can reload it through this online interface.  Choose your ticket type and click through to enter our online store.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Adult tickets will only take Adult Reloads and Junior Tickets only take Junior Reloads.  You will have to create an account and if you require a password reminder, we find that most of the reminders land in your junk/spam folder.  

Lift TicketsPrice       
Adult Reload (ages 16 - 72) $58.00  
Adult 2-Day Reload $116.00  
Junior Reload (ages 7 - 15) $38.00  
Junior 2-Day Reload $76.00  

 Tickets that may not be reloaded online:

1. 10-Pack

2. 6-Pack

3. 4-Pack

4. Season Pass cannot be reloaded with a lift ticket

5. Half-Day

6. Lower Area

7. EZ-Ski /Ride Packages

8. Military, Senior or Child tickets - we need to see ID to provide those discounts.