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White Pass Family

What makes White Pass special?  You do!

Meet our most valuable asset, the White Pass Family!

Chris Reimertz

Chris Reimertz

Home: Olympia, WA

We received this note after Chris skied 1/12/2017:

"I have been lucky enough, throughout the past 40 years, to have skied all over Europe, Canada and the US. The snow conditions we had today at White Pass have got to be the top 5 all time. It was absolutely awesome. The powder in the trees was 15" - 20" deep, it was light, it was dry and it didn't change from first run to last chair. The groomers were super grippy and you could just crank out huge GS turns knowing the edge would hold. Throw in a cloudless sky, bright sunshine and no wind and it made for a fantastic day. So greateful to have WP in my backyard."

Chris, his wife Gina and their son Sam have been #whitepassfamily for a couple of decades. If he looks familiar, you probably know him as the owner of Dancing Goats Coffee Bar in Lacey, or you remember him helping you with skis, boots and boards at Sturtevants. Chris and Gina also helped get our Hope on the Slopes event off the ground. Thanks for letting us know about your day Chris, we appreciate you.


Mary QHaight

Mary Haight

Home: Packwood, WA

Why do they call you Hardcore Mary? There aren't many guys that can keep up with me. I used to be a ski bum in Crested Butte, Colorado where it's really steep and I wanted to make sure I could keep up with the boys so I became a pretty good skier. Steep and deep, I had no fear. Also, I'm a diehard cyclist and when I first moved out to Yakima I thought this was pretty cool because there is great road biking and I could ski.

How'd you get started skiing? I was just a little kid in Wisconsin and my parents strapped skis on me and I found out it was in my blood. I always dreamed about skiing. I was a ski bum at heart.

What do you do for White Pass? I'm in accounting which isn't that glamorous but the nice part about accountants is that we can get our job done at any time during the day, so I can ski and I never miss first chair on a pow day! That's the only reason I'm an accountant.


Mark _Angie

We've been skiing together 30 years; been coming to White Pass for a good solid 13 years. We love the family atmosphere up here. We got our kids hooked early. Put them in kids clinic, got them onto the freestyle team, and now our daughter is a ski instructor. It forced us to come up here every weekend. The thing about coming up here in the winter is that while it may be cloudy and miserable back home it's absolutely beautiful up here.         ~ Mark and Angie Westling of Olympia